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More Materials to Create Your Brand

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand and should evoke the ethos of your company, communicate what it is that you do and generally tie everything you create together into a cohesive package. But once you’ve created your logo, you can’t stop there! There are actually a number of different things you need to create if you want to express your company’s identity effectively and the more materials you invest in, the stronger your brand identity will be. Here then are some key materials to create for your brand.


Your website will most likely have a background or wallpaper and you want to ensure that this image ties in with the general idea of your business. You can also use this in other places – such as the backdrop of a flier.

Video Openers

Something else that can come in handy is a video opener. Video marketing is a great tool for promoting your brand and what you do and having a dramatic opening to launch each video can again add some real cohesion.


This won’t be appropriate for every brand but for a lot of companies, having a mascot can be a great way to give their business a literal ‘face’. This can make you seem more familiar, friendly, and open.


Again, this won’t always be necessary. But in the right context having some music for your brand that can play during your video opener or in your advertising can help to reinforce the idea of your business.


If you can invest in your own font, this will help to create even more cohesion throughout your materials. Otherwise, pick a free one and use it consistently.


Creating an icon can be useful for things like your favicon (the image that shows on the browser tab for your website) or even for an app!

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